Human Supports of Idaho Mental Health Services

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide integrated services that support the recovery of people with psychiatric disabilities. We endeavor to create a collaborative environment that fosters hope, stability, and respect among persons served, employees, and our community.

Vision Statement

We aspire to be the mental health agency of choice within our community, highly valued by the participants we serve, respected by competitors and colleagues, and acknowledged for innovative service delivery.


We value professionalism, competency and high ethical standards in our employees and contractors. We perform our duties while maintaining respect for others, a non-judgmental attitude, genuine caring, and acceptance for all whom we serve. We demonstrate the importance of honesty, hope, compassion, empathy, and support in our actions.

ID Hope Program

The Idaho Home Outreach Program for Empowerment (ID-HOPE) provides Critical Time Intervention (CTI) services. CTI is a time-limited intervention lasting 9 months; it is divided into 3 specific phases and focuses on a limited number of treatment areas. See our services tab for more information.