Our Staff

Meet the many staff members we have at Human Supports.

Gregory Dickerson, Administrator
Greg Dickerson founded Human Supports of Idaho in 1996. Since that time, he has led the company through several efforts to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the services the company provides. As an example, Human Supports of Idaho became the first private mental health agency in Idaho to earn a full 3 year accreditation award by CARF. The company has maintained full accreditation status since that initial award. Greg earned his Bachelors of Social Work degree from Idaho State University, his Master of Social Work degree from the University of Denver, and his Master of Business Administration degree from Northwest Nazarene University.

Throughout his career, Greg has served on several advisory boards and participated in leadership forums designed to improve services for people with mental illnesses. In addition, he has served as the chairman of the Region 4 Mental Health Board since 2010. Greg is convinced that people with severe mental illness can and do recover from its effects and live full and meaningful lives.

Brian Knight, Boise Mental Health Program Director
Brian Knight, LCSW has served as a Program Manager for Human Supports since June 1, 2012. At the end of the Idaho Hope program, he took over the management of the Boise Clinic and Supported Employment Program, and is now managing the Caldwell Mental Health programs. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology in 2007 and his Master of Social Work degree in 2009 at the University of Wyoming. Brian’s graduate research focused on finding ways to involve fathers in their children’s mental health services through recreational therapy.

Brian has spent the last three and a half years using Motivational Interviewing, Narrative Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Adlerian approaches to help children and adults work toward their recovery goals. Brian uses a strength’s based and systems approaches to provide comprehensive services to the people he meets with. Brian has also provided training on Anxiety Disorders for the Treasure Valley Crisis Intervention Team with the Boise Police Department, the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, the Ada County Sheriff’s Office, and the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Alita Ruby, Administrative Services Manager
Alita has been with Human Supports of Idaho since 1997. As the Administrative Services Manager, she oversees the entire Clerical Support team and billing, handles HR, bookkeeping, and other office management duties. She has a background in customer service and bookkeeping. Alita enjoys working with managers and staff to keep operations running smoothly and successfully. She is proud to work for an organization that betters the lives of others and includes people from all different walks of life.

Mike Chippolla, Substance Abuse Treatment Director
Michael Chippolla, LCSW, ACADC, Serves as our Substance Use Disorder treatment director at Human Supports of Idaho. He received his Bachelor of Social Work and his Masters of Social Work degrees from Boise State University. He also minored in Addiction studies while at BSU.

Michael specializes in Co-occurring and Substance Use Disorder treatment. He has experience in providing treatment services in Medication Assisted Treatment, Outpatient, and Inpatient treatment settings. He is trained as a clinical supervisor for SUD treatment providers.

Michael is a Harley Davidson motorcycle enthusiast who spends as much time as possible in the wind.

Krysteena Stephens, Community Liaison/Personnel Manager
Krysteena Stephens, LAMFT, has worked in various roles in the mental health field for the last 6 years. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 2009 and continued to receive her Masters degree in Clinical Psychology, specializing in Marriage & Family Therapy in 2012. In addition to her management role with Human Supports of Idaho, Krysteena enjoys working with couples and families by providing counseling intended to reduce distress and conflict by improving the family system.

Krysteena is deeply passionate about helping clinical populations. She follows a theory of psychology that states humans are naturally positive and goal-oriented, though past trauma and experience create barriers that inhibit healthy mental growth. By providing therapeutic techniques, empathy, and support, she aims to remove barriers and assist her clients in finding stability and happiness. Krysteena utilizes interventions stemming from Solution-Focused therapy, Emotionally-Focused therapy, Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Behavioral therapy, and Family Systems Theory.

Krysteena is a passionate advocate for improved behavioral health care and promotes education and awareness of mental health disorders to the community. Krysteena recharges by spending much of her free time outdoors and enjoys engaging in physical activities such as yoga, hiking, running, and gardening.

Pamela Archuleta, ASN, BSN, RN, CNP, FNP
Pamela has been a part of the Medication Management team at Human Supports of Idaho for over ten years. She works in both the Boise and Caldwell office, and also works at other facilities throughout the Treasure Valley. Pamela received her Associate’s degree in nursing in 1988 and her Bachelor’s degree in nursing in 1991. She worked for Saint Alphonsus as a floor nurse for 20 years and received her Master’s in nursing in 2002.

Pamela enjoys growth and development and loves working with families. She has been a member of Nurse Practitioners of Idaho for over 15 years and is proud of the incredible strides the organization has made to improve healthcare in Idaho. Pamela is also a member of the National Nurses Association and is a certified member of American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). Learning and teaching are very important components to Pamela and she spends a lot of time attending CEU’s and mentoring students. For the past six years Pamela has allowed students from Idaho State University to go with her to all of her sites as a part of their Psych rotations for school.

Pamela takes a very holistic approach when working with patients and pays close attention to mind, body, and spirit. She believes it is important to treat patients the same as she would treat her own children and family.

Patricia Johnson, LPC, LMFT, RPT
Patricia has a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy from Liberty University and is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Idaho.  She also has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration Management with minors in psychology and PE from Olivet Nazarene College.
Patricia enjoys working with people, views situations with hope, and sees individuals as having significant worth and potential.  She counsels using proven psychological methods, which are chosen according to each individual’s needs and focuses on resolving problems and helping people make healthy connections and choices.  She believes that individuals, couples, and families have strengths and resources that can be accessed to empower change.  Patricia is called to help individuals embrace healing and change, fulfill their purpose, improve their relationships, and increase their joy in living, so they can reach their goals and be more fulfilled.  She works with adults, children, adolescents, couples and families on a variety of issues using best practice techniques and therapies, such as EMDR, Trust-based Relational Interactions (TBRI), play therapies, and more.  In addition, she has taught relationship building through facilitating classes on anger management, conflict resolution, and parenting.  Patricia has used her counseling skills both nationally and internationally and has over seven years of counseling experience. 

Patricia is a compassionate and wise encourager who loves helping people help themselves.  When not counseling, she can be found reveling in the beauty of the great outdoors – hiking, kayaking, and biking, sharing life with family and friends, traveling, and learning new things, so she can be ready for the next challenge….

Craig Johnson, LMSW
Craig functions as a Substance Use Disorder clinician and as a mental health therapist. He received his Bachelor of Social Work with an Addiction Studies minor from Boise State University. He followed up this degree with his Master in Social Work, graduating in May of 2017. Craig started working with Human Supports of Idaho in the Caldwell office in June of 2017.

Craig concentrates on co-occurring substances use and mental health treatment. Craig has experience in inpatient and outpatient treatment settings. Craig has 25+ years experience in 12-step programs locally and abroad. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the table and is willing to work with and help anyone seeking recovery from Substance Use Disorders or mental health issues.

Craig’s background before receiving his degree was in construction management. Craig is a motorcycle aficionado who believes riding is good for the soul, and encourages anyone to start riding. He believes it’s fun and exciting for anyone one who wants an adventure. Craig also enjoys fishing, camping, hiking, trips to the ocean just for the view, and spending time with his grandsons.

Sheila Chapdelaine, LCSW
Sheila earned her Bachelor’s of Social Work from Boise State University in 2015 and earned her Master’s of Social Work in 2016.

Sheila is passionate about working with individuals from a strengths perspective in order to help them see their abilities and worth as human beings. She utilizes the proven psychological methods & teachings of Brene Brown, PhD, LCSW, who is a leading researcher in feelings of shame, worth, & vulnerability. Sheila also utilizes interventions stemming from Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), Solution-Focused Therapy (SFT), and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Sheila also draws from her lived wisdom when working with individuals, which she believes provides an empathetic response of the struggles people encounter throughout life.

Sheila is well-versed in overall wellness and works to help others see the mind, body, & spirit connection in their lives. She believes that all 3 entities have proven healing capabilities and provides the ability to live the life of one’s choosing. She works to empower individuals to help them improve their feelings of self-worth and self-confidence.

In Sheila’s spare time, she loves gardening: Sheila turned her front yard in to a garden which she feels inspires a greater sense of community in her neighborhood. Sheila also enjoys dancing and being a ‘peddler of hope’ to others.

Lindsey Baumann, LPC
Lindsey is a counselor with a specialization in expressive art communication. She has experience working as an outpatient counselor, school therapist and case manager.  Lindsey has worked with clients across the life span and with a wide range of concerns including: frustration tolerance, depression, stress, anxiety, parenting problems, motivation and self-confidence issues.  She also has experience working with individuals who have experienced mental or physical trauma.  Lindsey’s counseling style is person centered which means the client’s preferences guide the course of sessions.  She believes that a person’s life position can move forward or backward and through interaction with knowledge, work, and play a person can manage their movement and direction. Individuals have a unique identity to be recognized as a core element to the counseling process.  Her approach combines solution focused therapy, individual psychology, mindfulness, psycho-educational methods with visual processing methods when needed.  During the counseling process dialogue and treatment can be tailored to meet your unique and specific needs.

Small steps in a direction toward relief can ease suffering and lead to giant leaps in the health and happiness of your mind. When you are ready to take the first step or if you need a little help along your already established journey, Lindsey will be there to provide support.

Wilson, Dale LCSWDale Wilson, LCSW
Dale Wilson is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) in the state of Idaho. Dale holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work (MSW) from Northwest Nazarene University. Additionally, Dale earned a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work (BSW) from Boise State University. Dale has experience in all areas of mental health therapy, including working with adults, adolescents, couples, families, and children. Dale specializes in anxiety, depression, and addiction treatment. Dale also has experience with and feels comfortable working from both faith based (Christian) and secular perspectives.

In his spare time, Dale enjoys riding his motorcycle and spending time with family. Dale is also a Blues music enthusiast and is a musician in a local Blues band.