Service Recipient Information - Grievance Procedure

Grievance Form



In the event that you have a problem with our services you are encouraged to follow the grievance procedure outlined below.

1. You may contact the Human Supports of Idaho, Inc. office directly and report your grievance over the telephone or in person. Copies of the grievance report form are available in each office, and at the back of the Participant Orientation Handbook.

2. You will be asked to describe what happened, who was involved, when and where the problem occurred, and what harm or damage resulted from the incident(s).

3. The completed Grievance Form is then routed to the appropriate manager who will gather any additional information necessary. This may include the manager speaking directly with you, other involved parties and the staff member(s) identified in the grievance.

4. The manager will work with all involved parties to develop a resolution and prevention plan prior to forwarding the grievance report to the administrator.

5. The administrator will provide comments, suggestions and other input/action to prevent future occurrences.

6. Once this process is complete the grieving party will be provided with written notification of the resolution plan and actions to be taken.

7. This process will be completed within a 2 week time period unless there are extenuating circumstances that require additional time to address. In these cases you will be notified of reasons for delay.

8. If you do not receive written notification within 2 weeks, please contact the administrator.

9. You may appeal the findings detailed in the resolution plan directly with the Administrator if you are dissatisfied.

A Stakeholder Grievance form is available from any of our office locations or upon request from any agency employee. If you need assistance completing a grievance form please notify any employee of Human Supports of Idaho, or any of the grievance contacts listed at the end of this procedure.

Protection Against Retaliation

Retaliation against any Participant or other stakeholder who files a grievance or provides information related to such grievance, is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. Human Supports of Idaho considers retaliation as a very serious matter. Accordingly, individuals found to have engaged in acts of retaliation shall be subject to immediate and appropriate disciplinary action up to and including dismissal if an employee of the company. During the grievance investigation, all parties shall be reminded that retaliation is prohibited.

Examples of retaliation can include but are not limited to negative actions such as poor customer service, changes in services without the participant consent, or other negative treatment or service decisions, laughing at, ignoring or failing to take seriously concerns/complaints.


Keely Adams, LCPC Boise Community Based Program Manager: (208) 321-0160

Brian Knight, LMSW, Boise Clinic & Supported Employment Program Manager: (208) 321-0160

Steve Proctor, LCSW, Caldwell Program Manager: (208) 454-8389

Greg Dickerson, MSW, MBA Administrator: (208) 321-0160


State of Idaho Mental Health Authority: (208) 334-0767

Region III Mental Health Center (Caldwell): 459-0092

Region IV Mental Health Center (Boise): 334-0810

Adult Protection: 1-800-859-0321

Disability Rights Idaho: (208) 336-5353

Additional information about your rights and the use and disclosure of personal health information is contained in Human Supports of Idaho, Inc. Notice of Privacy Practices elsewhere in this website.