Illness Management and Recovery Group

Illness Management and Recovery (IMR) is an evidence-based psychiatric rehabilitation practice. The primary aim of IMR is to empower consumers with severe mental illness (SMI) to manage their illness, find their own goals for recovery, and make informed decisions about their treatment by teaching them the necessary knowledge and skills. IMR involves a variety of interventions designed to help consumers improve their ability to overcome the debilitating effects of their illness on social and role functioning. Evidence supporting the effectiveness of illness management is available in studies focusing on the specific interventions as well as those evaluating comprehensive intervention packages (Illness Management and Recovery Fidelity Scale, 2002).


This program integrates group and individual psychotherapy and medication management services with group skills training sessions at our office locations. Group skills training is similar to Community Based Rehabilitation Services except it is provided in a clinical setting with other participants who have similar needs. This service designed to teach participants needed skills or to enhance existing skills of people who qualify for this level of care. All of the services provided to a participant are integrated to ensure that services are most effective to meet their needs.