Peer Support Specialists

Peer Support Services is a helping relationship between a person receiving behavioral health services and a Certified Peer Specialist. Certified Peer Specialists, or Peers, are able to use personal experiences from their own recoveries to relate to participants with empathy, compassion and insight. As a Peer, they have the unique perspective of their own lived experience with which to offer support. They are able to role-model recovery and teach resilience. They are able to help participants learn about personal responsibility in their recovery and facilitate self-direction in a path towards personal recovery. 

If the client chooses this service, a Peer will help an individual develop a Recovery Plan, linking their chosen goals to the services they want to obtain. Peers provide first hand examples that recovery is possible.


Individuals must have a diagnosis of a mental illness and a willingness to accept this service in order to qualify. Peer Support Services are available under the Blue Cross-True Blue Plan and Optum. 

Referral Process

Individuals can request Peer Support Services by calling HSI and requesting Peer Support Services. A representative will help the individual complete an application and a Peer Support Specialist will call the applicant to arrange an appointment. 

For more information about Peer Support Specialists, contact Brian Knight at (208) 376-9831

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