Clerical Support Employees

Clerical support employees play a significant role in maintaining organization and support of the company's business activities. They greet guests, provide telephone coverage, perform word processing, file maintenance, and billing services. Clerical support employees also contribute to our Quality Commitment activities, statistical maintenance, payroll activities, fiscal management and other general supportive services aimed at enhancing the company’s ability to grow and provide quality service.

Alice Shriver

Alice serves as Clerical Support with Human Supports of Idaho in our Boise office. Before coming to Human Supports of Idaho, Alice worked as an office manager for 23 years. Alice also worked with the San Diego Chargers for 11 years before moving to Boise. At Human Supports of Idaho, Alice is one of the initial points of contact for our clients, she helps clients schedule appointments, orients new clients to the intake process, helps schedule transportation for clients’ appointments, and communicates information with participants, staff and others as necessary. Alice loves helping people and is devoted to helping clients access the best possible care.

Sharon Howard, B.A.

Sharon has served as Clerical Support with Human Supports of Idaho for over 17 years. She received her degree from Boise State University in Ad/Graphic Design with a minor in Photography in 1996.She wears many hats in her various job duties. She has first contact with clients, aids new clients through the early paperwork process, conducts medication management scheduling, performs daily payee services, helps to insure proper documentation of weekly billings, communicates information between administrative, supervisors, staff, participants and others as needed, maintains all files and conducts other work as needed. She has been there to assist and learn for many years and looks forward to many more.